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      Jiangsu Suqing Water Treatment Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

      Insisting on enterprise culture of “people first, high quality product, innovation development and sincere service”, we would like to create more fortune and happiness for human being and the society.

      High standard
      The national ion exchange resin standard working group...

      21 utility patents
      8 national invention patent

      Strong team
      There is over 250 employees, including 4 doctors, 20 senior...

      Extensive field
      Spread in electric power, petroleum,chemical,coal chemical, food...

      Water Treatment Equi... 10000 ton/year
      Inert Resin Series (... 1000M3/year
      Nuclear Grade Resin 1000M3/year
      Condensate Polishing 1500M3/year
      Special Resin Series 5000M3/year
      Macroporous type Str... 3000M3/year
      Enterprise Quality Credit Report
      2018 production of over 10,000 liter reactor produ...
      Acceptance of national enterprise intellectual pro...
      Received provincial high-tech enterprises in 2017
      Suqing already passed qualified suppliers assessme...
      D003NJ, D203NJ condensate polishing resin were pro...
      April 8, 2012 Suqing Trademark was the only China ...
      Suqing obtained provincial enterprise technology c...
      Contact us

      Suqing Group
      Add: No.89 Changqing Road, Hetang,Changjing Town,Jiangyin, Jiangsu
      Sales: +86-510-86337020, 86339050, 86331801
      Technology Research Institute: 0510-86339015; Engineering Technology Department: 0510-86339188
      International Trade: +86-510-86339038 86336700 86336655
      Mail: dominic@suqing.com  sqsales@suqing.com
      Url: Http://www.cyclewallah.com

      Name:         Tel: Email:
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